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I’m very interested in the different pigment properties within my watercolour paints. For me personally, I find its important to know if the colour I’m using is transparent or opaque, staining, granulating and made up of single or multiple pigments. I use this knowledge when deciding which materials to use on a painting depending on the desired effect.

I keep a daily sketchbook which I find invaluable. I use it to explore ideas, to experiment with different materials and techniques, and to simply enjoy the process of creativity without any pressure to produce a ‘finished’ painting.

One of the joys for me of working in watercolour is its unpredictable nature, I love letting it do its own thing with a little gentle encouragement from me!


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My aim is to create paintings based upon my feelings, emotions, and experiences rather than a direct copy of a particular time or place. Why not have a look at some of my work?

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