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    Wow where has that week gone!

    Along with my ideas, thoughts, and inspirations I will also occasionally be sharing some “How to….” tips and techniques.

    Although this is definitely not a “how to…..” tip I would recommend!

    I recently dropped a full bottle of brown acrylic ink in the studio! Amazingly the bottle didn’t break but almost all of the contents ended up on the floor, up the cupboards and on the dog’s tail! She seemed to find the whole thing quite exciting and proceeded to wag her tail sending even more ink around the studio! I’m so relieved I have a separate workspace so this didn’t end up all over the kitchen or lounge!

    Until a few years ago I used to use the spare bedroom for painting and whilst I enjoyed have a designated art room within home, I seemed to easily become distracted with house things. I often found jobs to do in home or perhaps do a spot of baking and then I’d realise it was the middle of the afternoon and I’d not done anything creative that day!


    A few years ago, we decided to build me a studio in the garden which I absolute love! I lose myself once I’m in there and the time just flies, my husband will often ask at about 6pm if I intend on going back up to the house in the evening! I usually reply that I’ll definitely be finishing off in a few minutes and then suddenly I realise another hour has passed and I’m still in the studio! 

    I feel very lucky to have a studio and the flexibility it gives me, it’s great to have the space to work on several different paintings without have to clear everything away when swapping between them or at the end of the session.


    Whatever the weather I enjoy being in my studio. From the moment I open the door, I love the smell of the art materials, having everything to hand and the even light from the north facing windows.

    Having said all that this week I’ve been busy exploring a few new ideas and ways to change my art business now that I’m no longer able to tutor my weekly groups, workshops or demonstrations due to the pandemic.


    Although most of the things I’ve been looking into are still in the planning stages, one thing I can share with you is that I’ve put together a selection of different art materials packs which I’ve popped on to my Facebook page. I normally have a selection of art materials available for people to purchase if they wish to when attending my weekly classes, workshops and demonstrations, and so I thought rather than having the materials just packed away in a box I’d put together a variety of art material packs to help keep people creative whilst at home.

    Because of all this businesses stuff apart from my early morning sketches I’ve actually not had a lot of time to paint this week! It’s bizarre really that an artist in lockdown doesn’t find time to paint! Note to self – make more time to paint this coming week!

    Stay safe,


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    1. Sorry Ingrid, I did laugh imagining your dog sharing the brown acrylic ink (not funny at the time I’m sure). What a lovely studio! I’m not surprised that you lose yourself completely in there, enjoying your painting. Well done. 🌺

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