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    Natural Inspirations

    Wow that’s another week come and gone!

    I’ve been waiting for weeks to mount my new floral paintings but the conservation board I use has been out of stock. It was meant to be available again at the beginning of this week and I was looking forward to mounting and photographing my new work. However, when I tried to order it on Monday I was told it’s now not going to be back in stock until the end of the month! So fingers crossed it’s available soon so that I can add my new floral collection onto my website.

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    ‘Winter Gems’

    It’s been a great week for seeing different birds, along with the usual vistors to our garden, we’ve also had a greenfinch and a great spotted woodpecker on the feeders, swifts, swallows and house martins dancing and swooping overhead and the beautiful gold finches have also returned. One bird we often hear when we’re in the garden is a green woodpecker, but I’ve never actually seen one properly until this week when one flew out from some trees whilst I was walking my dog, Willow.

    Another thing that I love to see on my walks is any type of umbel flower. I have wild carrot growing in my wildflower bed that just needs painting! It’s a subject that I never tire of, whether they have beautiful white caps made up of tiny flowers or when they have become a rich toffee brown seed head.

    ‘Lace amongst Grass’ is another of my new floral paintings which will hopefully be mounted soon.

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    ‘Lace amongst Grass’

    All endings are also beginnings.

    We just don’t know it at the time.

    Mitch Albom

    I’ve had a wonderfully rewarding week seeing various versions of my Daisies & Grasses workshop painting that people have sent to me for feedback. I love the fact that art is so individual because despite the fact everyone has painted along following my video all the paintings are so different. I have to say I think I get as much from tutoring as I give, I love sharing in others artistic journeys, listening to their ideas and inspirations.

    Happy painting,


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