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    Travelogue Watercolour Journal Review

    Today I’m sharing my thoughts about the last sketchbook in my current series of sketchbook reviews. I’m sharing the things I like and the things I’m quite not so keen on in my Travelogue Watercolour Journal Review.

    Because we are individual and paint in different ways a sketchbook that one person really likes another person may not like it at all! I always have several on the go at the any one time whereas other people may prefer to have just one sketchbook, we are all unique! I’m always on the lookout for the perfect sketchbook but I haven’t quite found it yet!

    Travelogue Watercolour Journal Review

    Travelogue Watercolour Journals are stitch bound hardbacked journals available various sizes. The one I’m reviewing today is my 8.25″ x 8.25″ square sketchbook.

    Travelogue Art Journal
    Hand Book Paper Co. – Travelogue Watercolour Journal

    The sketchbook has 30 sheets of acid free paper, giving 60 sides to paint on. The cellulose paper is 200gsm with a cold press, NOT, surface on both sides.

    My Travelogue Holiday Journal

    I think it’s worth saying I use this sketchbook in quite a different way to all of the other sketchbooks I have reviewed. I mentioned earlier I like to have several sketchbooks on the go at any one time. I use some for general day to day sketchbooks and others for specific purposes such as my Saunders Waterford sketchbook that I reviewed a few weeks ago. If you’d like to read my Saunders Waterford Review please click here.

    I use my Travelogue Watercolour Journal as a sketchbook/journal to record where I’ve been on holiday. I not only paint small sketches from things I see whilst away but I also record memories, things I’ve done and the places I’ve visited. On some of the pages I have written lots of notes and on others just a few sentences. Because of the memories within my Travelogue Watercolour Journal it’s a very special sketchbook to me.

    Sketches in a Travelogue Art Journal
    Holiday Sketchbook/ Journal

    Things I like about this sketchbook!

    I really like the size and format of my Travelogue Watercolour Journal. I particularly like square sketchbooks and this one isn’t too small. Nor is it too thick or heavy so for me it’s an ideal size for taking on holiday.

    It has nice sturdy covers giving good support when painting. I like the linen type fabric covering them. I was slightly concerned when I first bought this sketchbook that it would quickly become messy looking because of the pale fabric covers but that hasn’t happened yet! I also quite like the books rounded corners.

    Like the Hahnenmuhle sketchbook I reviewed last week, click here to read the review, the Travelogue Watercolour Journal has an elastic band to keep it securely closed. I also find this useful to keep the right page flat when painting if using it outside in a breeze!

    Sketches in a Travelogue Art Journal
    The book opens to give a flat surface.

    One of the things that I most like about this sketchbook is that it is stitch bound but still opens completely giving a nice flat surface across the join.

    The soft white paper has a cold pressed, NOT, surface on both sides. The paper is a nice weight, 200gsm, that I have found flattens quite well. Although it’s worth me saying because of the way I use this particular sketchbook I haven’t really tested it when using lots of fluid washes for full page sketches.

    I enjoy the crispness this paper gives my watercolours sketches, they have a brightness to them that some creamer papers seem to lose.

    Sketches in a Travelogue Art Journal

    There is one feature of the Travelogue Watercolour Book that I do really like especially because of the nature of my book. It contains an envelope on the inside of the back cover which I use it to keep small leaflets or tickets from places I’ve visited. I do stick some of these on to the relevant journal pages but others I keep in the envelope.

    Plastic pocket inside the back cover of my Travelogue Watercolour Journal.
    Plastic envelope on the inside of the back cover.

    Things I’m not so keen on about this sketchbook!

    From all of the positive things I’ve discussed about my Travelogue Watercolour Journal you might be thinking that I’ve saved my perfect sketchbook for my final review!

    However, as much as I like my journal I find the paper doesn’t always suit my way of painting. I sometimes it a little difficult to blend two washes together on dry paper. I can overcome this by first wetting the paper however I quite often like to apply my watercolours on to dry paper and gently blend them together, allowing me to leave small areas of unpainted paper within the wash.

    I try to minimise my use of plastic so I would prefer the useful envelope to be in a sturdy paper rather than plastic.

    My overall thoughts on my Watercolour Journal Review.

    Sketches in a Travelogue Art Journal

    So in conclusion whilst this may not be my ‘perfect’ sketchbook it is one that I will be using again for my holiday sketchbook/journal.

    The reasons for this are that it’s the ideal size for me to both sketch, attach ticket/small leaflets and record memories in throughout the holiday. I do like having the storage envelope at the back to keep information safe in until I’m home when I can glue them in. I also like having the elastic band to keep it securely closed, which is quite useful when popping it in and out of my hand luggage.

    It would be great to hear if you have used this sketchbook or have any thoughts about it.

    If you would like to see more of my sketchbook studies please click here.

    I hope you have found my series of sketchbook reviews interesting.

    Happy painting,


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