• Autumn Inspiration

    Autumn Inspiration

    I’ve always found I’m full of autumn inspiration at this time of the year. I love watching the changes on my daily walks in the local woodland. I get a tingle of anticipation when I notice the first leaves begin to change their colour knowing that in a short time the woods will be transformed from a mass of different greens into an array off yellows, oranges, reds and maroons.

    Following on from my previous blog in which I shared my ‘Being Brave’ video. I’ve now started working on one of my autumn woodland paintings. I’ve filmed painting this first stage for you to see.

    I’ve popped my ‘work in progress’, autumn inspiration stage one below for you.

    Although I did film all of my painting time to the end of this stage I have edited it, so you can watch it but in a shorter time than it took me!

    I plan to film the next stages of the painting and share them with you so you can see the whole process of the painting. I hope you enjoy watching the painting build up and come to life over the next few blog posts. That’s if all goes to plan of course!

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    Happy painting,


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