• Autumn Trees

    Autumn Trees

    In the studio I’ve been continuing to work on an Autumn Trees watercolour & mixed media painting.

    Over the years I’ve found people are often interested in watching me paint, especially when at shows or outside sketching, and seeing how a picture develops. So I’ve filmed myself painting this WIP autumn tree scene, and I even remembered to keep my head out of the way of the camera! I’ve condensed these recordings into a short video that I’ve added to my YouTube channel.

    Once the first stage was completely dry, check out my previous blog if you’d like to see stage one, I’ve had fun building up the scene. I started by suggesting a few background trees before adding texture to the woodland canopy, all the while reminding myself to remain loose and expressive with my brushstrokes.

    After this I got to my favourite part using sepia ink to create lovely strong marks and contrasts. I so enjoy this stage! Although it can get a little messy especially on my fingers!

    I’ve popped my ‘work in progress’ of a autumn trees stages two & three below for you.

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    Happy painting,


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    4 thoughts on “Autumn Trees

    1. Really enjoyed watching your WIP on your YouTube channel Ingrid (reminded me of class and how much I miss)! Love your colours in this one and the sepia ink. Really super 🎨 ❤️ ❤️❤️ and thank you for sharing.

      I would like to wish you and your family a happy Christmas and a healthy New Year. Ps: I am asking Santa for a place on your workshops next year 🤞 😂

      1. Thank you for your very kind comments Anne, it’s wonderful to hear you enjoyed my latest video. Autumn is my favourite season so I too really like the colours in this new painting.
        I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy 2022.
        Hopefully Santa will make your wish come true!

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