• Exciting plans!

    Today is definitely the day to be catching up on computer work, we’ve had gusts of wind, sunshine, rain and now hail!

    As I mentioned in my last blog I’ve been developing several different projects to enable me to still run my art business during the current situation. One of the things I’ve missed during the pandemic is not being able to share my love of painting with others at my weekly classes, workshops and demonstrations. This has encouraged me to look into the possibility of offering online workshops and courses where I hope to help and inspire others. Although this is early days and I’m still in the planning stages I’m so excited about this possible new venture. I have so many ideas that I’m looking forward to sharing with others.


    So, this week has been a week of working out the practical side of filming in my studio. I couldn’t have managed this without my wonderful husband he’s adapted a tripod to allow me to film directly above a painting, sorted out the lighting and looked into video editing software. This is all quite a steep learning curve but I’m determined to get to grips with it all.

    I’ve had fun doing a few practice sessions and discovered filming myself painting is not as easy as it sounds!

    All of my groups are halfway through a demonstration led watercolour and if it hadn’t been for us having to stop the classes so suddenly, we would have completed together in class. So my first online lesson will be for my weekly classes. Next week I’m hoping to produce a video of myself finishing the painting to help the groups to complete their own version of the painting at home.

    This new venture along with several others that I’ll talk about when they are up and running, has meant little time for studio painting again this week, although I do make sure I find the time to be creative in my daily sketchbooks.

    I use sketchbooks for lots of different things and always have several different ones on the go at any one time. I find I’m inspired to create sketches based of a similar theme, style or technique such as ink drawings, mixed media or loose watercolours sketches and then I like to move on to a different style or technique which may then be in one of my other types of sketchbook.


    Over the last two weeks I’ve been really enjoying creating pages in my experimental sketchbook using watercolour, mixed media and collage, inspired by my morning walks and my garden.

    I absolutely love the freedom that my sketchbooks give me to experiment without any pressure on myself to create a finished painting but to just enjoy the process of being creative.

    You are never too old

    to set another goal or to dream a new dream.


    Stay safe,


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