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    Hopefully Inspiring Others

    Apologises for missing last week’s blog post, the week just seemed to disappear!

    I’m so excited to have now produced my first on-line lesson. I have to say it’s been a really steep learning curve and I’ve discovered it takes lots and lots of time to get the filming and video editing just right!


    My first attempt wasn’t entirely successful! I was so pleased with myself after a morning filming the first part of my demonstration painting, I’d got the camera set up, the microphone on, new lights positioned and a good view of the painting, yeah success! However when I came to watch the afternoon session I found I hadn’t focused the camera properly and that I’d been leaning forward so that the back of my head kept coming into view, meaning the whole of the afternoons filming was unusable even though the painting itself was now finished! I’ll try not to make those mistakes again! I’m pleased to say it turned out well in the end after I re-filmed the painting again the following day.


    Encouraged by the fantastic feedback I’ve received following the snow scene lesson I’m now excited to be planning my next on-line workshop which will be available to everybody. The painting I will be demonstrating will be based on this watercolour and ink sketch I did last week. On one of my morning dog walks I came across a patch of large flowering white daisies amongst tall grasses. I loved the contrast they formed and as soon as I got home, I did this quick sketch whilst the inspiration was fresh in my mind.

    I also came across these beautiful toadstools or mushrooms, I’ve tried to find out what type of fungi they are but I haven’t managed to identify them yet. It was a good job I photographed them at the beginning of the week because they were almost destroyed by the heavy rain and thunderstorm we had the following day.


    Each moment of the year has it’s own beauty,

    a picture which was never before

    and shall never be seen again.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Stay safe,


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    1. Your early morning dog walks are certainly inspiring.
      What amazing toadstools too! I tried to find them in my book and the nearest I could find were in the Coprinus family called ‘Little Japanese Umbrella’. Not sure though but beautiful.

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