• First Art Society Demo since pandemic started

    First Art Society Demo Since The Pandemic Started

    First Art Society Demo Since The Pandemic Started

    It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since my last in person art society visit. I so enjoyed my first art society demo since the pandemic started that once, I written a blog and chatted about it in a short ‘Art Vlog’ video!

    I have to say it was so nice to be able to chat face to face about having fun with watercolour and printed sheets, sharing ideas and demonstrating techniques.

    Demonstrating ‘Summer Melody’

    I shared my process of preparing and using printed sheets and old book pages as an unusual base for watercolours. It was wonderful to see people interested in the technique with many wanting to try it themselves at home.

    As an example of the technique I demonstrated painting ‘Summer Melody’, a bright floral watercolour on a sheet of music that I’d prepared ready to accept watercolour.

    In the painting I’ve left areas where the music shows through quite clearly and in other parts the watercolour is prominent with just a hint of the music showing through.

    First Art Society Demo since pandemic started

    I so enjoyed my first art society demo since the pandemic started that once I got home, I chatted about it in a new short ‘Art Vlog’ video! It also has a few short clips of me painting ‘Summer Melody’ at the end of the video for you watch.

    Click here to watch my short Art Vlog video chatting about my art club demo

    Sketchbook Fun!

    During my demonstration I also talked about how enjoyable keeping a sketchbook can be. I truly believe a sketchbook is a place to have fun, experiment and try out ideas without the pressure of working on a full painting.

    Knowing how much I enjoy looking through other artists sketchbooks, I’d taken along a selection of my own for people to flick through during the coffee break.

    I’ve shared how I use a special medium to prepare old book pages to use with watercolour in another blog if you’d like to read about the process.

    Click here to read my Watercolours & Old Pages blog post

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