• Loosening Up In A Sketchbook

    Loosening Up In A Sketchbook

    Sketchbook Fun After A Busy Week

    Last week was a lovely but busy week leaving me with no time for painting. Along with a wonderful family celebration I also went down to London with several friends to see the Platinum Jubilee ‘Gallop Through The Ages’ event at Winsor Castle! So to help me get back in to the flow after such a wonderful week I’ve had a little fun loosening up in a sketchbook.

    I find it helpful to sometimes have fun and play in a sketchbook, to simply enjoy the process of applying paint before starting on a more considered painting. This is especially true if I’ve had time away from my studio.

    I added this quote from C.S. Lewis to the opposite page to my sketch as a reminder to myself to keep dreaming and experimenting.

    “You are never too old

    to set another goal

    or to dream a new dream”

    C.S. Lewis
    Loosening Up In A Sketchbook Floral Watercolour Study

    Loosening Up In A Sketchbook

    In my short YouTube video below you can listen to me chatting, or perhaps rambling, about what I’m doing!

    I’ve used a page from one of my old novels for the base of this very loose floral watercolour.

    Click here to read one of my previous blog posts in which I explain how I prepare old book pages to use with watercolour.

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    Happy painting,


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    4 thoughts on “Loosening Up In A Sketchbook

    1. Hello Ingrid
      Just watched your demo of Dragon Flies, which is lovely. You are so inspiring and I love your chat.
      I need to buy one of those pens.

      1. Hi Anne,
        I’m so pleased you enjoyed my warm up exercise and me rambling! I really do get a lot out of time spent playing in my sketchbooks. I wonder if you mean the extended point when you mentioned the pen. If so, it’s actually a brush with a fat ‘belly’ that holds lots of paint and a long fine point. The other brush I use is a dagger. I’ve added a small amount of pen work to the finished watercolour with a very fine black art pen.

    2. I love this sketch pad exercise Ingrid and thank you for sharing. I really must endeavour in this practice! So happy you had a nice time Windsor Castle 🐎. I have to say I am so looking forward to joining you on your wonderful workshops and seeing you again, it seems too long and I have missed you. Here’s to July 🎨😍x

      1. Hi Anne,
        I’m so pleased you enjoyed reading and watching my ‘warm-up’ exercise. I really do get a lot from these loosening up studies. You’d enjoy this sort of loose sketchbook exercise I think.
        It will be great to see you again at my next workshops, you’re right it’s been too long! Happy painting!

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