• Hello Again!

    I must first of all say sorry it’s been ages since my last blog!

    Over the past few months I’ve been very busy working on my new website and I’m very excited to announce I launched it last week!  I’ve been lucky to have had a great designer who has encouraged me to be involved throughout its design and development, right down to subtle shade changes and to exactly where each paint splash is positioned. This has meant that although it’s taken up a lot of my time, I’ve now got a brand-new website that I’m absolutely thrilled with.

    Between The Reeds - a dragonfly painting

    It was one of my aims to have everything now available to view in one place, including my blog, so I’m really pleased it’s now complete.

    It’s great to have the time again to write my blog. I’m really looking forward to sharing my ideas, thoughts, and inspirations on my blog regularly, well that’s the plan anyway!

    In some of my previous posts I’ve written about my change in direction and I’ve been enjoying continuing with this. I’m getting such a buzz from exploring and experimenting with a looser style of painting, in both watercolour and mixed media. I feel perhaps my new paintings are a little more contemporary and expressive, it is certainly looser than before. Having said all this, I still keep getting a niggle of self-doubt popping into my head! It is quite daunting to change direction after the ‘security’ of painting in a particular way for so many years.


    I have always believed, and frequently tell my students, for myself the most important thing is to enjoy the process and hopefully the results will follow! So, watch this space!

    There is no passion to be found playing small –

    in settling for a life that is less

    than the one you are capable of living.

    Nelson Mandela

    One of my consent sources of inspiration is my daily walks and this has never been truer than this year. I haven’t been out and about sketching, which I normally would be, this is partly because of the pandemic but also because I don’t think my 11 month old Spaniel would appreciate having to wait around for me!

    Instead I’ve been using my sketchbooks to capture the inspiration I’ve felt whilst on our dog walks once I get home, with a coffee and a little something to eat! I really enjoy trying to express through a sketch or painting the atmosphere, mood or emotion I’ve felt during my walk rather than simply sketching a particular scene or area of the woodland.

    I’ve used some of these sketchbook studies as the reference for some of my new studio paintings. ‘Chestnut Wood’ is one of my favourites.

    ‘Chestnut Wood’

    Finally, I thought I’d mention to celebrate my new website I’m offering a 10% discount off everything on my website until Christmas, just use the coupon code LAUNCH at the checkout for it to be applied.

    Happy painting,


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    2 thoughts on “Hello Again!

    1. Hello Ingrid, What a smart website you have created! It is easy to navigate and as you said the newsletter and blog will be all in the same place which is great.
      I really like the “Chestnut Wood” and it definitely has atmosphere. It would be great to know which colours you have used and was it created with watercolour, inks, granulating medium??
      Thank you for the inspiration. 🍂🎨

      1. Hi June, Thank you for your lovely comments. I’m so pleased to hear you like my new website, it has taken a long time but I am very pleased with it now it’s completed. I’m delighted to hear you like ‘Chestnut Wood’ in my new looser style, I really did enjoy painting it. Following your comment I’m going to do a blog post in the near future about creating the granulating textures.

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