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    The niggle of self doubt!

    I’m in the process of having a brand new website designed, my husband made my current website years ago and it’s been great, but we felt it was time to upgrade to a professional site. This has been quite a big decision but I’m so excited about it especially now that I’ve seen the start of the designs. Thankfully, Paul, the website designer is very patient and just smiles as I keep changing my mind on small details such as the colour of a line or button! Although I’m sure he’s really thinking “not again!”

    I’m hoping to ‘exhibit’ a whole new collection of looser paintings that I’ve been working when the website goes live sometime in September, if all goes to plan. No pressure then!

    The paintings I’m now working on are really quite different to my previous style, so I’m finding the idea of displaying them for others to see really quite daunting. I used to be filled with self-doubt where my paintings were concerned but over the years I gradually stopped worrying if other people liked my work. I found it was important for me to enjoy the process of producing the painting and the end result, rather than trying to paint pictures I thought people would like. However, I now find that little niggle of self-doubt is just beginning to grow again, and keep asking myself what if nobody likes them, or people think they are rubbish!

    Do you give as much energy to your dreams

    as you do to your fears?


    I don’t know who said this but I think it’s an excellent question to ask myself when doubts start to grow.

    I try to keep telling myself all that really matters is that I like my work but it’s hard to let go of the security after working in a similar style for so long.


    Having said all of that I’m really loving the actual process of producing my new paintings and feel very inspired and full of ideas, as you can see I keep going around in circles!

    I just need to hold on to that fact and not let my self-doubt stop me from exploring new ideas. I think this is one of the reasons I so enjoy using a sketchbook, it’s a place to play, explore, and experiment without any pressure to produce ‘finished’ paintings.

    Happy painting,


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    1. I’m excited for you and the new website! I really like the new loose style which has a contemporary feel about it and I love seeing the photo that inspired you alongside it. 🌿

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