• Front cover of a book

    I received a proof of my book

    A few days ago something exciting happened, I received a proof of my book!

    As you’ll see from some of my other blog posts I get lots of pleasure from keeping sketchbooks and always having several on the go.

    A pile of artist sketchbooks

    I don’t know about you but I like nothing more than having a peek through another artist sketchbook!

    I always take a selection of my sketchbooks along to my exhibitions and shows. I find people often enjoy browsing through them, sparking conversations and interest.

    Because of the interest people have when looking through my sketchbooks I’ve wanted to publish a book based on them for years and years. However for one reason or another I’ve never seemed to find the time.

    Back at the beginning of 2021 I made publishing my book my New Years resolution, but 2021 came and went and still didn’t manage to do anything about it.

    Exciting News

    Front cover of a book

    So, I decided this year I would make it happen and I’m delighted to say I have!

    Click here to watch as I unpack my book and see it for the first time.

    As you’ll hear in my short video, I was very excited when I received a proof of my book –

     ‘Exploring Ideas & Inspirations – My Sketchbook Practice’

    My book has now gone to print which is truly exciting for me. I’m hoping to receive a delivery of them in time to take along to a couple of exhibitions over the next few weeks.

    If you’re interested I’ve done a series of posts reviewing some of the different sketchbooks I use.

    Click here to go to my Sketchbook Review Round-Up post.

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