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    Welcome to my new blog!

    Like so many others due to the Covid-19 virus I’ve been self-isolating for four or five weeks now and know it’s likely to be several months before we can hopefully go out and about again. However finding myself with this unexpected extra time has given me the opportunity to do things that I’ve wanted to do for quite some time and for whatever reason haven’t found the time to do, including starting a blog!

    So today I thought I’d tell you a little about myself and what I’m hoping to share with you in my blog posts.

    I’m a watercolour and mixed media artist, tutor and demonstrator. I feel so lucky to do something I absolutely love for my job and to be able to share my love of painting with others.

    I’ll be sharing my ideas, thoughts and inspirations including one of my favourite activities, using my sketchbook to experiment and explore ideas. I sometimes use these studies and sketches for reference for a more accomplished studio painting although a lot of the time my sketches are done purely for enjoyment.

    Recently I’ve been inspired to capture the atmosphere and feeling of my early morning dog walks in a series of mixed media sketches. These studies are quite different to my usual work and I’m really excited about exploring these ideas further.


    I’ve been working on a new series of floral watercolour and mixed media paintings in a loose style using lots of fluid watercolour washes. My aim was to give a freshness to the finished painting and to avoid an over-worked finish.

    I hope you’ve enjoyed my first ever blog!

    Stay safe,


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