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    Wow I’ve had another busy few weeks where does the time go!

    I’ve always enjoyed sharing with others my love of painting, and in doing so hopefully encouraging others with their own creativity. I feel over the past few months I’ve found ways to still do this whilst I’m unable to run my weekly classes and workshops. I really enjoy writing my blog, sharing posts about what I’m up to with my art on social media, sending out newsletters approximately every 6 to 8 weeks and now also producing online workshops.

    I’m so pleased I overcame my fears and worries about producing online lessons. To receive such lovely comments and messages following my first online lesson has been wonderful. Knowing people are enjoying them has made all the trial and error of getting to grips with the technology so worthwhile.

    “I am enjoying painting the snow scene with help from your online tutorial. It is really good and very professional. I can’t believe that you haven’t done it before. It is very helpful to be able to pause it and rewind for closer looks. Thank so much for all your hard work and encouragement. You are an inspiration.”

    “It was absolutely brilliant having you by my side!!”

    Boosted by the response to my class Snow scene lesson I’ve spent the last couple of weeks producing a new online workshop ‘Daisies & Grasses’ which is available to everybody.

    Work Station

    Although the process of painting whilst filming myself, editing and converting it into an online resource is still a bit new to me, with the constant help and support of my husband, who’s becoming quite a whizz at video editing, I’m really delighted with how my new workshop has turned out.

    Daisies & Grasses online workshop introduction video

    I’ve always liked to be well prepared for any demonstrations, workshops and classes, to be honest I’m probably a bit over the top with my preparation! I’m now using the same approach with my new online venture, I like to spend time planning and preparing the painting before filming it. That way I can make sure the painting process is in nice clear stages for people to follow along with me.

    Any fact facing us is not as important

    as our attitude towards it,

    for that determines our success or failure.

    Norman Vincent Peale

    Because I love painting and being creative so much I don’t ever see it as work, which is truly wonderful, however for me this does have its drawbacks.  I find I tend to feel I need to do all the ‘business’ stuff, jobs that need doing at home, emails to reply to, enquiries to answer, washing to put out, you get the picture, before I allow myself to spend time painting purely for my own enjoyment. These paintings are still ‘work’ in the sense that if I’m happy with them I’ll aim to exhibit and sell them but because I love producing them I feel I should do all the other things in the list first!

    As I’ve talked about in my posts I enjoy and get a lot of pleasure from all areas of my business, except for the paper work perhaps, but I would like to get a better balance of finding time to enjoy both my art business and my own creativity.  This is something I regularly decide I must change, and I do for a few weeks and then gradually I slip back into putting my own creative time at the bottom of the list, I think this is because I so enjoy sharing my interest in painting and encouraging others.  

    I’ve decided, once again, that I really should make time for both. I’ll let you know in a month or two if I’ve achieved it!


    So on that note I’m off to have fun in my studio!

    Stay safe,


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    4 thoughts on “New Ventures

    1. Another brilliant blog Ingrid – Thank you! I totally relate to your comments that the ‘must do’ jobs annoyingly come first. I then find time runs out and have to think about dinner 😳. You certainly inspire me and I am so happy you have managed to diversify your art business in such difficult times.
      Good luck. Please keep in touch and stay safe. Anne x

    2. I totally agree with everything Anne has said.

      Also, the new workshop is a real delight (I like to watch it through first before deciding when to start my own).
      You should be very proud of it Ingrid. ⭐️
      Have fun in your studio. June x

      1. Thanks June, it is hard I think making time for ourselves. I so pleased you like my new workshop, I am very pleased with how it turned out. 🎥😀

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